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Comprar dominio

Its your name in the internet, choose wisely.

There are many, many domain hosting providers and the truth is that it really doesn’t matter that much where you buy your domain name. There are only a few providers that I wouldn’t recommend.

So really you can go with whichever provider you like, but I personally use GoDaddy for it’s cheap prices, nice designs and easy to use platform.


1. Go to GoDaddy and enter the domain name that you are looking for
What extension should you use?
.com, .mx it really doesn’t matter from a technical perspective, just choose the one you like. They each have different prices.

What if the domain I want is taken?
Although it is possible to look for the person that owns the domain it is usually not worth the trouble, I recommend to just change the domain a little or change the extension.

2. Select add to cart and continue to cart.

3. Select your add ons (I don’t recommend any) and select for how much years you’ll like to rent the domain for.

4. Sign in or create an account

5. Complete purchase

6. Verify your email address
They will send you an email, without this verification, we cannot use the domain.


There are some agencies or web developers that charge you a yearly fee and buy the domain for you. Although this is possible I don’t recommend it at all, since the doman will be technically in their possession and if one day you decide you don’t want to keep working with that developer/agency you’ll have to go through all of the process of migrating your domain name to another provider.

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