How I work

This is the process I like to follow, but as every project is different I want to hear you out.

1. Talk about your needs

The first and most important thing is to actually know what you need. I can offer you crazy things but maybe you need something simple. Or quite the opposite may be you want to overthrow Google in that case they may already know about it.

Either way I like to talk and know whats in your mind.

You can either:
1. Fill out the Quote Now questionnaire and I’ll get back to you to schedule a meeting.
2. Hit me up directly on WhatsApp or email to schedule the meeting.

2. Designing the site

After we get the chance to talk and understand your website requirements I’ll give you a quote for the project.

If you find it to your liking (you will 😉) and want to work with me, I’ll get to work on the design of your webpage and deliver it to you in a maximum of 5 business days.

The site will be designed with dummy photos, text and products. In step number 4 you’ll need to provide the correct information for the site.

3. Unlimited design revisions

This is the fun part (for you), after I send you the first design proposition you’ll tell me what you think and if we should move this, that or start over.

I’ll get the changes made and send it again to you, we’ll repeat this process until you are satisfied.

It is very important to say that the design revisions are to be made in this stage of the project and not when the site is built online.

4. Site is built in my server

In order for you not to spend any money on this stage, or if you have an active site that should not be disturbed, I will build your site in one of my servers.

During this process I will send you a functional link for you to test the site, something like amuttio.com/yourcompany.

Also during this stage we will fill the correct information of the site (photos, text, products, etc.).

5. Domain & Hosting

In case you already have this, don’t worry about this step.

All sites need a domain name and hosting to work, if you want to learn how it works click here.

In this stage you need to buy a domain name, see guide here.
And also a web hosting, see guide here.

6. Publish your site

After you have the domain and hosting I will ask for the access to your accounts.

With this I can migrate your site to your own server and connect the domain in order for it to be live.

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