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Web Hosting

Everyone needs it, there is no getting around it.

There are many hosting providers but in my experience I primarily recommend 2, Vultr and Bluehost.

Each has its own bells and whistles and I’ll list some of them here along with a small tutorial for you to follow along to get your own hosting plan.


High Frequency Compute from $6/month
For larger more demanding websites you’ll need to check which plan is best for you.

Very fast and reliable hosting provider

Unlimited email accounts


1. Enter VULTR and create your account.
When using the link in the button below you get a $100 credit that lasts 30 days.

2. Add a payment method
This is where the hosting will be charged when the $100 bonus credits you get when using my link are over.
Once you add the payment method I won’t be able to see the details of your card, so don’t worry about that.

3. I’ll take care of the rest
VULTR has a lot of benefits as a service but its biggest downside is that it isn’t very user friendly.
Lucky for you, you don’t have to do anything else from here. I’ll take care of setting up everything
else and getting your website running.


Fast, reliable shared hosting from $83.4/year
Includes free domain for 1 year
Unlimited storage
Unlimited email accounts


1. Enter Bluehost and select WordPress Hosting

2. Select the PLUS plan
Pricing is tricky, the price they display is when you pay for 3 years, so watch out.

3. Choose your domain
Here you have 2 options, do the one that applies to you:

A. If you don’t have a domain name, make use of the 1 year domain that Bluehost includes with its packages.
Search for the domain you want in that space.
B. If you already own a domain name select “I’ll create my domain later”, don’t choose
“Use a domain you own”, trust me.

4. Enter the detail for your account and billing details.
Here you have to watch out for the following things.

a. Enter your account information correctly, specially the email. This will be the email of your account.
b. In Package Information select the desired duration of your hosting Package. (It auto renews)
c. In Package extras, I recommend to check everything off.
d. At the end click the checkbox.

5. Check your account information.
After you buy the package you’ll receive an email called “Welcome to Bluehost”.
With this information we will be able to access your hosting account.


There are some agencies or web developers that charge you a monthly fee and host your site in one of their servers. Although this is possible I don’t recommend it at all, since all of your information is in their server if one day you decide you don’t want to keep working with that developer/agency you’ll have to go through all of the process of purchasing a hosting for your own and having them migrate the site.

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